Account Creation

If you are a data submitter for a 4DN lab or are new to the project

  • Please email data wranglers at to get set up with an account with the access credentials for your role.
  • Please provide an email address which you wish to use for your account and CC your PI for validation purposes. The email associated with the account you use for login must be the same as the one registered with the 4DN-DCIC.
    • This can be any email address (e.g. an institutional email account) but must be connected to either a Google or Github account.
    • For more information on linking your institutional email account to a Google account, see below.

Signing in with your institutional email address

  • The DCIC uses the OAuth authentication system which will allow you to login with a Google or GitHub account.
  • If you prefer to use your institutional email address to log in to the portal (recommended), you need to have a Google or GitHub account registered with that email address.
  • If you do not already have a Google or GitHub account with your email address, you can set up one up by visiting the Google account creation page with the non-gmail option.

NOTE that it is important not to register this account to have gmail as your institutional email address must be the primary email associated with the google account for authentication to work properly!

Once your account request is processed, you will then be able to log in with the 'LOG IN WITH GOOGLE' option using your institutional email address and Google account password.

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