ExperimentType Methyl Hi-C

   October 7th, 2019 at 3:49pm
Reference Publication
Li G et al. (2019) PMID:31384045
Li G, Liu Y, et al., Nature methods 2019


Experiment Category 
Assay Classification 
3C via Ligation
Experimental Purpose 
DNA-DNA Pairwise Interactions
Raw Files Available 
Reads (fastq) provided by lab

Assay Description

Methyl Hi-C is a method that combines in situ Hi-C and WGBS to simultaneously profile chromatin conformation and DNA methylation. It begins with a standard in situ Hi-C procedure, followed by an additional step of bisulfite conversion before library construction and paired-end sequencing. The methylation status of cytosines and the pair-wise contact frequencies are then determined.