Bromodomains regulate dynamic targeting of the PBAF chromatin remodeling complex to chromatin hubs.

   April 4th, 2022 at 7:04am



Chromatin remodelers actively target arrays of acetylated nucleosomes at select enhancers and promoters to facilitate or shut down the repeated recruitment of RNA Pol II during transcriptional bursting. It is poorly understood how chromatin remodelers such as PBAF dynamically target different chromatin states inside a live cell. Our live-cell single molecule fluorescence microscopy study reveals chromatin hubs throughout the nucleus where PBAF rapidly cycles on and off the genome. Deletion of PBAF's bromodomains impairs targeting and stable engagement of chromatin in hubs. Dual color imaging reveals that PBAF targets both euchromatic and heterochromatic hubs with distinct genome binding kinetic profiles that mimic chromatin stability. Removal of PBAF's bromodomains stabilizes H3.3 binding within chromatin indicating that bromodomains may play a direct role in remodeling of the nucleosome. Our data suggests that PBAF's dynamic bromodomain mediated engagement of a nucleosome may reflect the chromatin remodeling potential of differentially bound chromatin states.


Kenworthy CA  •  Haque N  •  Liou SH  •  Chandris P  •  Wong V  •  Dziuba P  •  Lavis LD  •  Liu WL  •  Singer RH  •  Coleman RA



Biophysical journal



March 29th, 2022