Genome-wide analysis of the interplay between chromatin-associated RNA and 3D genome organization in human cells.

   October 17th, 2023 at 1:14pm



The interphase genome is dynamically organized in the nucleus and decorated with chromatin-associated RNA (caRNA). It remains unclear whether the genome architecture modulates the spatial distribution of caRNA and vice versa. Here, we generate a resource of genome-wide RNA-DNA and DNA-DNA contact maps in human cells. These maps reveal the chromosomal domains demarcated by locally transcribed RNA, hereafter termed RNA-defined chromosomal domains. Further, the spreading of caRNA is constrained by the boundaries of topologically associating domains (TADs), demonstrating the role of the 3D genome structure in modulating the spatial distribution of RNA. Conversely, stopping transcription or acute depletion of RNA induces thousands of chromatin loops genome-wide. Activation or suppression of the transcription of specific genes suppresses or creates chromatin loops straddling these genes. Deletion of a specific caRNA-producing genomic sequence promotes chromatin loops that straddle the interchromosomal target sequences of this caRNA. These data suggest a feedback loop where the 3D genome modulates the spatial distribution of RNA, which in turn affects the dynamic 3D genome organization.


Calandrelli R  •  Wen X  •  Charles Richard JL  •  Luo Z  •  Nguyen TC  •  Chen CJ  •  Qi Z  •  Xue S  •  Chen W  •  Yan Z  •  Wu W  •  Zaleta-Rivera K  •  Hu R  •  Yu M  •  Wang Y  •  Li W  •  Ma J  •  Ren B  •  Zhong S



Nature communications



October 16th, 2023