About Us

The 4D Nucleome Network aims to understand the principles behind the three-dimensional organization of the nucleus in space and time (the 4th dimension) and the role nuclear organization plays in gene expression and cellular function. The Network will utilize existing omics and imaging technologies as well as develop new ones to generate data and create resources to enable the study of the 4D Nucleome. More information about the 4D Nucleome program can be obtained at the 4DN portal and the NIH program website, which also lists the funded research centers.

The 4DN data portal is developed and managed by the 4D Nucleome Data Coordination and Integration Center (DCIC). Please address all questions and comments to support@4dnucleome.org.


Peter J. Park Peter J. Park
Principal Investigator

Nils Gehlenborg Nils Gehlenborg

Caterina Strambio-De-Castillia Caterina Strambio-De-Castillia
UMass Medical School

David Grunwald David Grunwald
UMass Medical School

Andrew Schroeder Andrew Schroeder
Project Manager & Senior Data Curator

Rahi Navelkar Rahi Navelkar
Data Curator

Michele Berselli Michele Berselli
Bioinformatics Scientist

Clara Bakker Clara Bakker
Bioinformatics Scientist

Kent Pitman Kent Pitman
Senior Software Developer

Will Ronchetti Will Ronchetti
Senior Software Developer (Lead - Backend)

David Michaels David Michaels
Software Developer (Backend)

Bianca Morris Bianca Morris
Senior Software Developer (Lead - Frontend)

Alexander Veit Alexander Veit
Visualization Developer

Shannon Ehmsen Shannon Ehmsen
UX & Graphic Designer

Alessandro Rigano Alessandro Rigano
Software Engineer
UMass Medical School

Serkan Utku Öztürk Serkan Utku Öztürk
Software Developer (Frontend)
Karya SMD

Gülşah Sabancı Gülşah Sabancı
Software Developer (Frontend)
Karya SMD


Burak Alver Burak Alver
Scientific Director

Koray Kirli Koray Kirli
Data Curator

Jeremy Johnson Jeremy Johnson
Lead Senior Software Developer

Carl Vitzthum Carl Vitzthum
Senior Back-End Developer

Luisa Mercado Luisa Mercado
Assistant Data Curator

Eric Berg Eric Berg
Cloud Software Engineer

Soohyun Lee Soohyun Lee
Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

Alexander Balashov Alexander Balashov
Senior Front-End Developer

Chad Serrant Chad Serrant
Senior Software Developer

Sarah Reiff Sarah Reiff
Senior Data Curator

Andrea Cosolo Andrea Cosolo
Data Curator


The software and metadata infrastructure for the 4DN Data Portal are based on work by the ENCODE DCC team at Stanford University led by J. Michael Cherry, Ben Hitz, and Cricket Sloan. We gratefully acknowledge the work they have shared open source as well as the guidance they have provided for our implementation. The 4D Nucleome Data Coordination and Integration Center is supported by the U01 Grant CA200059 from the NIH Common Fund.