BED file containing location and log2 normalized expression values for the ARHGEF9 promoter TRIP integrations. Column specification: 1 - chrom, 2 - chromStart, 3 - chromEnd, 4 - Barcode, 5 - blank, 6 - strand, 7 - TRIP pool (A or B), 8 - replicate 1 log2 expression, 9 - replicate 2 log2 expression, 10 - mean log2 expression

   May 23rd, 2019 at 6:52pm


This file contains processed results performed outside of the 4DN-DCIC standardized pipelines. The file and the information about its provenance, i.e. which files were used as input to generate this output was provided by or done in collaboration with the lab that did the experiments to generate the raw data. For more information about the specific analysis performed, please contact the submitting lab or refer to the relevant publication if available.


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