single cell Methyl Hi-C

   October 7th, 2019 at 5:09pm
Reference Publication
Li G et al. (2019) PMID:31384045
Li G, Liu Y, et al., Nature methods 2019


Experiment Category 
Assay Classification 
3C via Ligation
Experimental Purpose 
DNA-DNA Pairwise Interactions - Single Cell
Raw Files Available 
Reads (fastq) provided by lab

Assay Description

Single cell Methyl Hi-C is a method to assay chromatin conformation and DNA methylation in single cell. The protocol for in bulk Methyl Hi-C is followed through the steps of proximal ligation. After ligation, nuclei are isolated by FACS sorting and bisulfite conversion is performed on single nuclei. Fragments are amplified and indexed to allow identification of reads obtained from a single nucleus. Amplified libraries are pooled and sized selected prior to sequencing. The methylation status of cytosines and the pair-wise contact frequencies are then determined using custom software.