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  • Hi-C on ENCODE3 cell lines23
  • Hi-C on synch. HeLa cells - Rep123
  • HCT-116 cohesin-Rad21 degron21
  • Hi-C on lympoblastoid cell lines from 1000G individuals19
  • Hi-C on synch. HeLa cells - Rep219
  • Liquified Chromatin Hi-C on K652 cells19
  • ChIP-seq on activated B cells17
  • Hi-C on sync. SCC1-AID or CTCF-AID tagged Hela17
  • Hi-C on synch. HeLa cells - Rep317
  • SPT on JM8N4 cells for Spot-On analysis15
  • DNA FISH on Chr1 and Chr1714
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH +/- 13h GATA-1 induction12
  • TSA-seq v1 SON in K56210
  • DNA-FISH in F121-9 cells9
  • HiC on sync. chicken cells9
  • TSA-seq v2 SON in K5629
  • ChIP-seq on Hela SMC3 and CTCF8
  • Cohesin ChIP-seq [29094699]8
  • Hi-C on E14Tg2 cell line8
  • RUES cell differentiation to cardiomyocytes8
  • SPT on U2OS cells8
  • TSA-seq v2 SON in HCT1168
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH - flavopiridol treatment8
  • single cell Hi-C on sorted diploid F1 2-1s8
  • Hi-C on HFF cells - protocol variations7
  • Hi-C on Mouse Olfactory System cells7
  • HiC on sync. CAPH-AID chicken cells7
  • HiC on sync. CAPH2-AID chicken cells7
  • TRIP on K562 cells7
  • DNase Hi-C on Patski +/- Ds-TR and Dxz4 region modfications6
  • Dual color smFISH on fruit fly embryo (nuclear cycle 13)6
  • Hi-C on ES-E14 +/- Mll3-Mll46
  • Hi-C on H9 cells during cardiomyocyte differentiation6
  • Histone mod ChIP-seq [29094699]6
  • TSA-seq v1 LaminA/C in K5626
  • low coverage parameterization6
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH +/- 4h GATA-1 induction6
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH - DRB treatment6
  • Hi-C on activated B cells5
  • Hi-C on mESC during neural differentiation5
  • HiC on sync. chicken cells (no 1NM-PP1 washout)5
  • SMSN (Barentine et al 2019 bioRxiv)5
  • Slc25a37 RNA FISH - enhancer deletion5
  • sci-Hi-C on five human cell lines - analyzed using topic modeling5
  • CTCF ChIP-seq4
  • ChIP-seq in HFFc64
  • ChIP-seq on CH124
  • DNAse Hi-C on RUES cell differentiation to cardiomyocytes4
  • E/L repliseq on EN52.9 mESC with CTCF-AID4
  • E/L repliseq on V6.5 mESC with YY1-dTAG4
  • Hi-C and Micro-C on WTC-11 derived iPS cells4
  • Hi-C on CTCF-AID tagged F123-CASTx1294
  • Hi-C on H1 cells - protocol variations4
  • Hi-C on HAP-1 +/- WAPL or SCC4 KO4
  • Hi-C on WTC-11 differentiation to cardiomyocytes4
  • HiC on sorted sync. SMC2-AID chicken cells4
  • HiC on sorted sync. chicken cells4
  • HiC on unsorted sync. SMC2-AID chicken cells4
  • TCC on IMR90 +/- Adenovirus4
  • TSA-seq v1 LaminB in K5624
  • TSA-seq v1 RBP1 in K5624
  • TSA-seq v1 SON in HCT1164
  • TSA-seq v1 pSC35 in K5624
  • TSA-seq v2 SON in HFFc64
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH - triptolide treatment4
  • ChromEMT3
  • H2A.Z - H13
  • H3K27ac ChIP-seq3
  • Hi-C on CTCF-AID tagged mESCs3
  • Hi-C on HUVEC cell3
  • Hi-C on IMR-903
  • Hi-C on lamin A/C haploinsufficient hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes3
  • Micro-C on JM8.N4 Cells +/- transcription3
  • RNA-seq [29094699]3
  • RNA-seq on lamin A/C haploinsufficient human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes3
  • TCC on hepatocytes +/- NIPBL3
  • single cell Hi-C on sorted haploid H129-1s3
  • ChIA-PET in GM128782
  • ChIA-PET in H1-hESC2
  • ChIA-PET in HFFc62
  • ChIA-PET on CH122
  • DNase Hi-C in Hela-S3 cells +/- SF3B1 siRNA2
  • DNase Hi-C on tissues2
  • DamID-seq on F121-9 cells (2018-10-22)2
  • DamID-seq on H1-hESC cells (2017-12-14)2
  • DamID-seq on HAP-1 cells (2018-10-22)2
  • DamID-seq on HCT116 cells (2018-10-22)2
  • DamID-seq on HFFc6 cells (2017-12-14)2
  • DamID-seq on K562 cells (2018-10-22)2
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    Chuck Murry, UW
     Experiment Category
     Experiment Type
    DNase Hi-C
     Sample Type
    stem cells
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    Human stem cell
    Bertero A et al. (2019) Dynamics of genome reorganization during human cardiogenesis reveal an RBM20-dependent splicing fact
    No value
    No value
     Assay Details
    Enzyme: DNaseI
    NOFIC - Shendure
    No value
    Biosample Metadata Incomplete
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    Experiment Type
    Assay Details
    DNase Hi-C
    RUES2 differentiated to cardiac muscle cell
    DNAse Hi-C on RUES cell differentiation to cardiomyocytes
    DNase Hi-C
    RUES2 differentiated to primitive cardiac myocyte
    DNAse Hi-C on RUES cell differentiation to cardiomyocytes
    cardiac progenitors
    DNase Hi-C
    RUES2 differentiated to mesoderm
    DNAse Hi-C on RUES cell differentiation to cardiomyocytes
    DNase Hi-C
    DNAse Hi-C on RUES cell differentiation to cardiomyocytes
    - fin -