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  • Hi-C on ENCODE3 cell lines23
  • Hi-C on synch. HeLa cells - Rep123
  • HCT-116 cohesin-Rad21 degron21
  • Hi-C on lympoblastoid cell lines from 1000G individuals19
  • Hi-C on synch. HeLa cells - Rep219
  • Liquified Chromatin Hi-C on K652 cells19
  • ChIP-seq on activated B cells17
  • Hi-C on sync. SCC1-AID or CTCF-AID tagged Hela17
  • Hi-C on synch. HeLa cells - Rep317
  • SPT on JM8N4 cells for Spot-On analysis15
  • DNA FISH on Chr1 and Chr1714
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH +/- 13h GATA-1 induction12
  • TSA-seq v1 SON in K56210
  • DNA-FISH in F121-9 cells9
  • HiC on sync. chicken cells9
  • TSA-seq v2 SON in K5629
  • ChIP-seq on Hela SMC3 and CTCF8
  • Cohesin ChIP-seq [29094699]8
  • Hi-C on E14Tg2 cell line8
  • RUES cell differentiation to cardiomyocytes8
  • SPT on U2OS cells8
  • TSA-seq v2 SON in HCT1168
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH - flavopiridol treatment8
  • single cell Hi-C on sorted diploid F1 2-1s8
  • Hi-C on HFF cells - protocol variations7
  • Hi-C on Mouse Olfactory System cells7
  • HiC on sync. CAPH-AID chicken cells7
  • HiC on sync. CAPH2-AID chicken cells7
  • TRIP on K562 cells7
  • DNase Hi-C on Patski +/- Ds-TR and Dxz4 region modfications6
  • Dual color smFISH on fruit fly embryo (nuclear cycle 13)6
  • Hi-C on ES-E14 +/- Mll3-Mll46
  • Hi-C on H9 cells during cardiomyocyte differentiation6
  • Histone mod ChIP-seq [29094699]6
  • TSA-seq v1 LaminA/C in K5626
  • low coverage parameterization6
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH +/- 4h GATA-1 induction6
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH - DRB treatment6
  • Hi-C on activated B cells5
  • Hi-C on mESC during neural differentiation5
  • HiC on sync. chicken cells (no 1NM-PP1 washout)5
  • SMSN (Barentine et al 2019 bioRxiv)5
  • Slc25a37 RNA FISH - enhancer deletion5
  • sci-Hi-C on five human cell lines - analyzed using topic modeling5
  • CTCF ChIP-seq4
  • ChIP-seq in HFFc64
  • ChIP-seq on CH124
  • DNAse Hi-C on RUES cell differentiation to cardiomyocytes4
  • E/L repliseq on EN52.9 mESC with CTCF-AID4
  • E/L repliseq on V6.5 mESC with YY1-dTAG4
  • Hi-C and Micro-C on WTC-11 derived iPS cells4
  • Hi-C on CTCF-AID tagged F123-CASTx1294
  • Hi-C on H1 cells - protocol variations4
  • Hi-C on HAP-1 +/- WAPL or SCC4 KO4
  • Hi-C on WTC-11 differentiation to cardiomyocytes4
  • HiC on sorted sync. SMC2-AID chicken cells4
  • HiC on sorted sync. chicken cells4
  • HiC on unsorted sync. SMC2-AID chicken cells4
  • TCC on IMR90 +/- Adenovirus4
  • TSA-seq v1 LaminB in K5624
  • TSA-seq v1 RBP1 in K5624
  • TSA-seq v1 SON in HCT1164
  • TSA-seq v1 pSC35 in K5624
  • TSA-seq v2 SON in HFFc64
  • nascent transcript RNA FISH - triptolide treatment4
  • ChromEMT3
  • H2A.Z - H13
  • H3K27ac ChIP-seq3
  • Hi-C on CTCF-AID tagged mESCs3
  • Hi-C on HUVEC cell3
  • Hi-C on IMR-903
  • Hi-C on lamin A/C haploinsufficient hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes3
  • Micro-C on JM8.N4 Cells +/- transcription3
  • RNA-seq [29094699]3
  • RNA-seq on lamin A/C haploinsufficient human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes3
  • TCC on hepatocytes +/- NIPBL3
  • single cell Hi-C on sorted haploid H129-1s3
  • ChIA-PET in GM128782
  • ChIA-PET in H1-hESC2
  • ChIA-PET in HFFc62
  • ChIA-PET on CH122
  • DNase Hi-C in Hela-S3 cells +/- SF3B1 siRNA2
  • DNase Hi-C on tissues2
  • DamID-seq on F121-9 cells (2018-10-22)2
  • DamID-seq on H1-hESC cells (2017-12-14)2
  • DamID-seq on HAP-1 cells (2018-10-22)2
  • DamID-seq on HCT116 cells (2018-10-22)2
  • DamID-seq on HFFc6 cells (2017-12-14)2
  • DamID-seq on K562 cells (2018-10-22)2
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    Todd Waldman, GEORGETOWN
     Experiment Category
     Experiment Type
    DNase Hi-C
     Sample Type
    immortalized cells
     Sample Tier
     Sample Category
     Tissue Source
    uterine cervix
    Kim JS et al. (2019) Systematic proteomics of endogenous human cohesin reveals an interaction with diverse splicing facto
    No value
     Assay Details
    Enzyme: DNaseI
    No value
    No value
     Validation Errors
    No value
    Experiment Type
    Assay Details
    DNase Hi-C
    DNase Hi-C in Hela-S3 cells +/- SF3B1 siRNA
    treated with SF3B1 siRNA
    DNase Hi-C
    DNase Hi-C in Hela-S3 cells +/- SF3B1 siRNA
    treated with control scrambled siRNA
    - fin -